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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Current Raikage

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PostSubject: Current Raikage   Current Raikage Icon_minitimeWed Apr 19, 2017 3:12 pm

The Raikage (雷影, Literally meaning: Lightning Shadow) is the Kage of Kumogakure, a title bestowed on the village's leader. The Raikage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village. How the Raikage is selected is pretty standard in the village as the first Raikage was voted in by all those forming the village. Much like Suna, they want to keep it in the family but they have stated that if one can become stronger, they will step down and allow them to lead. The Raikage works inside a central blue structure inside Kumogakure.

[Current Kage]

Current Raikage 1%2B%252814%2529

Name: Kasumi Jinsoku
Age: 43
Sex: Female
Hair: Deep Brown, Only to her chin
Eyes: Mud Brown, Lighter around the Iris
Marital Status: Widowed (Killed her husband for cheating)
Ranking: S+
Elements: Raiton, Fuuton, Jinton
Attack Style: Jinton / Kenjutsu


(12 AP)

Current Raikage Hqdefault
Jinsoku were originally a small family of kenjutsu users within the land of lightning that used their strength to get whatever they wanted. They were feared throughout lightning and eventually became so well known that other small clans were trying to create allies with them. When the forming of the villages began, the Jinsoku knew that they would not be able to fight for themselves much longer and opted to form Kumogakure with one of their own as the Kage. It was soon built and the Jinsoku sat at the pinnacle of Kumo with their own as the first Raikage. The other clans and smaller villages began to join with Kumo, and the Jinsoku led, what they considered to be their village, with their Swift Release (Jinton). Combined with their weapons, they were usually at the head of fights and leading Kumo to become one of the great villages that it is know as.

[Swift Release]
(Special Passive)
Jinsoku train from a very young age and by the time they are allowed to enter, what is now the Academy, they are said to be some of the fastest shinobi. Their speed is rivaled only by their swordsmanship as they are trained to use most weapons by a young age and are even trained to take the hits from these weapons. Their bodies have adapted to blades, blunts and even points so that they can fight for longer.
Advanced Chakra Nature - Gains Raiton and Fuuton, combined to make Jinton, 2x Free E/D/C/B Rank Jutsu, 1x A/S
Passive - -1 Weapon Negatives
Passive - +2 HP DR/Hit vs Bokijutsu

[Jinsoku Speed]
(6 AP)
It is sometimes said that the word fast is very broad term when it comes to describing the Jinsoku. Appearing and then dissapearing again with a blur inbetween their attacks, they often fight so quickly that most people say they never see them before they hit the ground. Their training is so hard that those that train beside them are sometimes said to be hospitalized for 1 week before they can fight again.
Passsive) +5 Hitpoints
Academy) +1 Jinton Rolls, +1 Bokijutsu Rolls
Genin) +2 Jinton Rolls, +2 Bokijutsu Rolls
Chuunin) +3 Jinton Rolls, +3 Bokijutsu Rolls
Jounin) +4 Jinton Rolls, +4 Bokijutsu Rolls

[Piercing Blades]
(6 AP)
Precision is something that the Jinsokui take seriously. Each of them will pick their weapon at a young age, and practice with their chosen weapon more so than all the others. Given textbooks on the human body, they study the points which are weaker when hit and focus on how to inflict the most amount of damage with a single sweep or stab with their weapon.
Academy) +1 HP Damage Bokijutsu/Hit, 2 DR Ignore on Bokijutsu
Genin) +1d4 HP Damage Bokijutsu/Hit, 3 DR Ignore on Bokijutsu
Chuunin) +1d6 HP Damage Bokijutsu/Hit, 4 DR Ignore on Bokijutsu
Jounin) +1d8 HP Damage Bokijutsu/Hit, 5 DR Ignore on Bokijutsu

[First Raikage]
(18 AP)
Kasumi is known as the strongest Jinsoku and also the most ruthless. Killing her own husband for cheating on her, and sticking his head on a pike in the middle of the clans quarters as a warning to whoever else wishes to cheat. She is strict with her two kids, and pushes them to her limits. Gaining the nickname "Seductive shock" she knows she is extremley attractive, and uses that to her advantage. The last thing her enemies will see before they die is her beautiful face, huge rack and then a katana removing their head from their shoulders. Feared within Kumo and throughout Lightning, those that cross her usually don't live another day.
Passive) +1 Initiative Rolls
Passive) +2 HP Regen
Academy) +0 HP Regen, +0 Targets with Bokijutsu, +0 Targets with Jinton, 1 Vamp HP Regen with Bokijutsu, +0 ATK/DEF Rolls
Genin) +1 HP Regen, +0 Targets with Bokijutsu, +1 Targets with Jinton, 1d4 Vamp HP Regen with Bokijutsu, +0 ATK/DEF Rolls
Chuunin) +2 HP Regen, +1 Targets with Bokijutsu, +2 Targets with Jinton, 1d6 Vamp HP Regen with Bokijutsu, +1 ATK/DEF Rolls
Jounin) +3 HP Regen, +2 Targets with Bokijutsu, +3 Targets with Jinton, 1d8 Vamp HP Regen with Bokijutsu, +2 ATK/DEF Rolls
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PostSubject: Re: Current Raikage   Current Raikage Icon_minitimeWed May 10, 2017 12:50 pm


STR) 19
DEX) 28
CON) 22
INT) 19
WIS) 25
CHA) 22
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Current Raikage
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