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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Current Kazekage

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PostSubject: Current Kazekage   Current Kazekage Icon_minitimeWed Apr 19, 2017 2:28 pm

The Kazekage (風影, Literally meaning: Wind Shadow) is the Kage of Sunagakure, a title bestowed on the village's leader. The Kazekage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village, responsible for keeping Suna on an even footing with the other villages despite its small size. It is well known that the current Kazekage wants to try and keep the Kage of Suna in her blood, so she is training her only daughter as hard as she can. One of the first Puppet users, the current Kage uses her metal sand as well as puppets to bestow strength into Suna and has made an agreement with the Hokage to stay at peace.

[Current Kage]

Current Kazekage Female_Ninja_Samurai_With_Sword_Beautiful_Pretty_Great_Best_HD_Anime_Wallpaper_large

Name: Kamiko Hagiwara
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Hair: Midnight Black, Touches middle of her back
Eyes: Deep grey, almost metallic
Marital Status: Married
Ranking: S+
Elements: Doton, Fuuton, Jiton, Kugutsu
Attack Style: Ninjutsu / Puppetry


(12 AP)

Current Kazekage 2wgudqq
Hagiwara were well known throughout the land of wind before Sunagakure was formed. They were responsible for building half of the small towns that sat within the large desert. Using their puppetry skills, aswell as their perfected control over Magnet Release, they were able to build houses within days. Looked up to as one of the great clans within Suna, they are now at the pinnacle of society. There strongest is the first Kazekage, and stands above Suna to bring it to praise. Utilizing their Puppets, aswell as their Magnet release, they are able to turn the tides of battle easily and fight for what they believe is right.

[Hagiwara Control]
(Special Passive)
Hagiwara is one of the dominant clans within suna, and that comes without question. Their natural control over their magnet release, combined with their puppets makes for devestating strength. The two of them are used in tandom, and allows for them to be hidden whilst fighting, or out in the open fighting with their magnet release. Over time, The Hagiwara have perfected their chakra allowing for them to fight just that little longer, or summon more puppets if need be.
Advanced Chakra Nature - Gains Doton and Fuuton, combined to make Jiton, 2x Free E/D/C/B Rank Jutsu, 1x A/S
Passive - +5 Chakra
Custom Clan Ability - Gains Puppetry (Kugutsu), 2x Free E/D/C/B Rank Jutsu, 1x A/S Kugutsu Jutsu.

[Strength of Hagiwara]
(6 AP)

The Hagiwara are well known for their perfect control over their puppets aswell as their Magnet release. They are known for hiding within the shadows, and then attacking with their puppets. Once their puppets are destroyed, they are quickly out in the open themselves to fight with their Magenet Release. Unlike those that just use puppetry jutsu, they are quite diverse in both and are not afraid of getting into battle themselves.
Passive) Act while Physically Stunned 5 CP
Academy) +1 Kugutsu and Jiton Rolls
Genin) +2 Kugutsu and Jiton Rolls
Chuunin) +3 Kugutsu and Jiton Rolls
Jounin) +4 Kugutsu and Jiton Rolls

(6 AP)
Even though they possess their Kekkei Tota, they fight along side their puppets in sync. They Hagiwara's puppets have been reinforced with their magnet release, allowing for them to hit harder, become stronger and even take more hits. Unlike normal Kugutsu users, they don't have to fight within the shadows. This is what sets them apart, but their puppetry control is not as refined as those that just use Kugutsu.
Passive) Increase Puppet Rank to 2/3/4/5, Puppets gain +5 HP
Academy) Gain Rank 2 Puppet, Kugutsu Critical/Hit 20-20
Genin) Gain Rank 3 Puppet, Kugutsu Critical/Hit 19-20
Chuunin) Gain Rank 4 Puppet, Kugutsu Critical/Hit 18-20
Jounin) Gain Rank 5 Puppet, Kugutsu Critical/Hit 17-20

[First Kazekage]
(18 AP)
Kamiko is known throughout Wind as one of the strongest Kunoichi that reside in the country. She was voted in by those that were founding Suna and given the resonsibility of becoming the first Kazekage. Her beauty is not the only thing that she possess as her strength and control over her puppets is rivaled by few. Even when she was young, she was said to be above those that were considered her "equal" and to this day, she has yet to lose a spar...
Passive) 2 CP Regen Per Round
Academy) +1d4 Kugutsu and Kiton HP Damage/Hit, Increase Maximum Puppets Active 0, -0 Puppet Maintenance Cost, +10 CP, +0 ATK/DEF
Genin) +1d6 Kugutsu and Kiton HP Damage/Hit, Increase Maximum Puppets Active 1, -0 Puppet Maintenance Cost, +15 CP, +0 ATK/DEF
Chuunin) +1d8 Kugutsu and Kiton HP Damage/Hit, Increase Maximum Puppets Active 2, -0 Puppet Maintenance Cost, +20 CP, +1 ATK/DEF
Jounin) +1d10 Kugutsu and Kiton HP Damage/Hit, Increase Maximum Puppets Active 3, -1 Puppet Maintenance Cost, +25 CP, +2 ATK/DEF
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DM Hinata

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PostSubject: Re: Current Kazekage   Current Kazekage Icon_minitimeWed May 10, 2017 12:48 pm


STR) 19
DEX) 19
CON) 22
INT) 22
WIS) 28
CHA) 25
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Current Kazekage
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