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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Custom Jutsu

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PostSubject: Custom Jutsu   Custom Jutsu Icon_minitimeMon Apr 24, 2017 8:17 pm

[Custom Jutsu]

Players may submit custom jutsu for approval, even if they gain free ones through there ability. Jutsu do not have a required RP token cost to gain them, however they must be earnt via RP. The RP to earn a jutsu is not just the lesson itself, it is researching the technique itself and some trial and error. Also, Jutsu that are custom are not automatically learnt after you have earnt the rights to have the custom jutsu. It must be still be taught by someone that is able to teach you. Learning a custom jutsu takes different amounts of your jutsu lessons for the week depending on the rank, and counts as such for jutsu learnt. E/D Rank = 1/5 weekly lessons. C/B Rank = 2/5 weekly lessons. A = 3/5 weekly lessons. S = 4/5 Weekly Lessons. Players may have a MAXIMUM of 1 custom jutsu per week, and still must have it approved by the DM Team. If you gain custom jutsu via an ability, you must still learn them in accordance to these rules but it does not take up more then 1/5 of your weekly jutsu lessons.

[Purchasing Jutsu]

We have added the option of being apple to purchase your custom jutsu with tokens, instead of learning them. If this is done, you do not lose any of your weekly lessons, and it does not take up the limit of learning 1 custom jutsu per week. The cost to do this is determined by your techniques CP Cost. The CP Cost of the Jutsu x2 is the amount of tokens that must be paid to get the jutsu without the need for a lesson or taking up your 1 custom jutsu per week limit. (E.G A Jutsu that has a cost of 7 CP costs 14 tokens to unlock). The cost is not effected in ANY WAY by CP negatives or anything of the like. You may only purchase a MAXIMUM of 2 custom jutsu per week.

(The DM Team has the right to pull your jutsu from play and rebalance it if: A) To many complaints are voiced about it. B) It is a lot stronger then other jutsu the same rank. C) It breaks any rules. D) We believe it to be overpowered. The re-balance will be discussed with the player that the jutsu was made by, and an agreement will be met.)
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Custom Jutsu
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