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Naruto Elements

A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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DM Team

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The DM-rights hand-book

Naruto Elements is a roleplaying world based off Naruto’s setting, however with an Alternate history. As such the staff contents itself in seeing to that the players reach their goals and enjoy their experience as much as possible and in the hopes to give the closest Naruto setting-feeling to the community while still expressing ideas never before possible in the canon. To reach this goal, the staff has a set number of codes and rights which are to be conformed to by the players in hopes that the team can make a competent and detailed work. The following is a list of the rules/rights a staff-member has, which are to be understood and abided by the player populace.

1. About General Roleplay

• 1.1: A DM has the right to log onto the client and monitor roleplay; awarding the latter as seen fit by the staff member.
• 1.2: A DM has the right to log onto the client and possess a NPC to interfere with any form of scene he or she stumbles by, as long as the NPC in question fits the scene’s background and is not specific to another DM’s domain.
• 1.3: A DM has the right to possess any secondary or background NPCs to enhance the player’s experience during his/her game time.
• 1.4: A DM Has the right to question a current scene he/she stumbles on, and possess NPCs to correct it if applicable/needed.

2. About Events

• 2.1: A DM has the right to run an event and involve as many players in the event as he/she wishes; always players that are willing to partake of an event.
• 2.2: A DM has the right to bend mechanic rules to a lesser degree, if this will enhance the roleplaying experience and uniqueness of the on-going event and its participants, always keeping into account that the modification does not affect a player’s character in a too drastic way.
• 2.3: A DM has the right to make a calling upon any Jutsu utilized in the event he or she runs, voiding its usage if deemed so.
• 2.4: A DM has the right to expulse a character from an event; always keeping in mind that there must be a valid reason for the action.
• 2.5: A DM has the right to ask politely a player to wait for either the end of an event for a complaint, or to contact him/her via forum PMs. Should this fail and result in the continuation of harassment via tells, the DM reserves the right to boot the player from the server for the remainder of his/her event, or escalate the situation to be dealt with by a Department Head, the Head DM, or an Admin.
• 2.6: A DM reserves the right to boot a player from the server for a small period of time should the player be a constant nuisance to the progression of the on-going event. If deemed necessary, a DM may also escalate the situation to be dealt with by a Department Head, the Head DM, or an Admin.
• 2.7: A DM reserves the right to investigate a character’s biography for about any reason, as well as question the player in question about any doubts the staff member might have concerning anything regarding his/her character.
• 2.8:A DM has the right to request a personal event party formed from the event participants.

3. About rules

• 3.1: A DM has the right to enforce rules, in all levels. This ranges from the removal/addition of items, levels, tokens or any other form of action backed by either the verdict of a punishment or a Global regulation.
• 3.2:A DM has the right to report any harassment they feel subjected to, directing the complaint to the HR Department and following the provided rules and stipulations.

4. About purchases

• 4.1: A DM has the right to ‘sell’ an approved ability, bloodline, tool, statistic, jutsu, or any other sort of pre-approved asset to a player as long as this one has the required tokens to pay for it and that the purchase in question does not need to be made by a specific staff member.
• 4.2: A DM has the right to sell generic purchases to players; such as default ninja bag tools.
• 4.3:A DM reserves the right to refuse the purchase of an asset should the player be ‘short’ on tokens, or the DM in question unsure of the price, if the request in question is still going through its Voting period, or any other reason that might cause hesitation staff-side.
• 4.4: A DM has the right to refund characters within the parameters expressed in Global Regulation or DM Team decision.

5. About DMs player-side

• 5.1: A DM has the right to log in player side and play as a normal player would.
• 5.2: A DM player-side has the right to refuse to deal with anything staff-related, unless it is something of an urgent nature such as a character stuck in an area, or other type of cases in which a DM’s intervention is unavoidable.
• 5.3: A DM player-side has the right to declare himself/herself unavailable to anything staff-related, this means he/she reserves the right to receive no tells about staff-related issues, or issues of other nature.

6. About Server-wide parties

• 6.1: A DM reserves the right to request for OOC idle party chatter to cease during events.
• 6.2: A DM reserves the right to request that OOC conversations viewed to be controversial or sensitive material in nature cease outright, and to enforce punitive action if a player refuses to comply.

7. About alternate Media

• 7.1: A DM reserves the right to not discuss DM-related material, over any medium that is not through a Forum PM, or when performing QCCR on the Server.

(Originally written by Xeneize and will be removed if he wishes for it to be so.)
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DM Handbook
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