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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 [EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island.

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[EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island. Empty
PostSubject: [EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island.   [EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 19, 2017 10:05 pm

It had been a very quiet time recently, just off the northern shores of the mainland was a small island known for it's crystal formations and the large floating temple dedicated to the Wind and Sky.
This Temple was known as the Kumo no seiiki (Sanctuary of Clouds) and it has stood on the floating island for generations thanks to the special crystal formations underneath the land mass.

[EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island. 13682210

The Monks of this temple are very generous and welcoming, taking many into their ranks if they so wish but they favor Fuuton users and any extension of Fuuton be it sound, Ice and even Sand. The Monks of the Kumo no Seiiki host a special event for the villages located on the ground around the landmass, no villages are under the floating island in fear of one day the land mass may fall and thus destroy those beneath it. This event is known as the Heavens Treasure Hunt, it was begun many generations ago upon discovery of many ancient structures and catacombs, these structures are believed to have floated like the landmass the temple resides on, ancient maps show cities that used to reside in the sky. Theories behind their disappearance are usually pointing to one thing, the crystals underneath the structures were removed from their natural formations and after a long period of time, they failed and the structures were doomed to fall and crumble. The Heavens Treasure festival draws people from all over the countries, shinobi, tourists, even the odd samurai. Those attending the main event gathered out the front of the temple steps, a gong was rung and an old monk, below average in height, very old seeming no younger than eighty, walking stick and rather clean and fine looking monk garments walked down the stairs.

[EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island. Dulkay-96197

The elderly man smiled to those gathered and began hi speech.

"Welcome, it's good to see so many people this year, the main event is about to begin...however I have a few words to say, first off...I am proud to mark this as the 100th year of the Festival, many familiar and new faces show up every year and I do enjoy seeing the discoveries people make, secondly this will be my final year as the judge of this treasure hunt, every year it brings many people to our land and much joy, it fuels me to go on but I have grown old and it is time I retire from all the excitement, my replacement and secondary judge this year will be my youngest grandson, Ryuuno! A few words would you please?"

A young man with very dark brown hair, a few scars and a body of a well trained taijutsuist would step forward and bow his head low to the crowd for a few moments, seeming serious and rather tensed up. He was nervous but his years of training made him able to remain calm, for the most part.

[EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island. 2010122716060926369_2

"Greetings everyone, I'm honored to take my grandfathers place as judge and head of the festival, I hope that for many years that I can do as good a job as he has and if not...I hope I can do better, every year we signal the beginning of the hunt we sound the horn with our power over wind...however this year...I wish to do so on my own"

Ryuunosuke would take a breath as he entered some sort of stance with some fluid movements he would be gathering air and shaping it with his chakra, the ball of wind visible as it managed to suck up some dust but not a lot. He then moved with the sphere and took another breath and moved the sphere to turn into a large gust of wind that would blow into the large horn that was infront of them sounding the beginning of the hunt, the participants rushed off, they were to get off the floating landmass and search the forests below for treasures and artifacts from those who lived here before.


  1. Everyone participating makes a thread labled [TH] *name*'s Hunt Eg: [TH] Bob's Hunt
  2. Write a minimum of 5 paragraphs, or if you feel you can't do so, write multiple posts detailing your characters Hunt.
  3. In the Post include what the character was doing before and during the speech then start the hunt.
  4. Read the island information and know that it is a dangerous island.
  5. Have fun, don't claim to be finding the absolute best and most perfect treasure, less can be more here.
  6. End your posts or thread with your character bringing their finds back and I will reply, judging the find and rp
  7. Reply to this thread with the character you will be using.

Island Info:
Sky Crystal Island is home to some very bizarre and dangerous creatures, the most famous being the Blue Sky Liger (Leopard and tiger) taking on beautiful sky blue hues of fur with black stripes and spots on its body, the females are very docile if left unprovoked, the males however are territorial and will attack anyone that grows too near them or their food or their mate.

A second is the flightless cockatrice, seemingly a raptor mixed with a turkey, these birds are extremely docile and tamable, they have green feathers covering the most of its body and black feathers making the frontal area, they are small standing only about 2'6" tall at the most. They are said to be the animal masters of genjutsu as their gaze causes predators to freeze in place momentarily as they make their swift escape. It should be noted there is a sub-species of Cockatrice that do fly, called the Basilisk bird they are smaller but capable of flight, have razor sharp claws,
appear more like a falcon and have mostly black and grey feathers. It's best not to mess with either as both travel in flocks and if a whole flock is startled it can cause a few of them to attack.

Lizards are very common here as well, they range from the glass skinned chameleon which has see through skin and works by camouflaging their innards, just as effective as a regular chameleon but sometimes harder to see. Snakes are common but none on the island are overly venomous except the rare Flare Anaconda with it's flame like colored skin and venom that can kill it's prey in minutes, to humans the venom it delivers in a single bite has them begging for death within an hour and painfully achieving such within two, the monks hunt them frequently, not wanting to make them go extinct they leave a few alive so that fewer lives can be taken. The popular Chameleon Gecko originates here, they breed quickly and live for many years and make good pets no matter where they're taken.

A lot more animals reside on the island but it's really up to you what you find.
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[EVENT] Treasure Hunt in Sky Crystal Island.
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